Ride System


With a cross-section of just 35x35mm, Ride is one of the slimmest linear LED profile systems on the market. Due to an integrated converter, Ride can guarantee continuous light emission along lengths of up to 15m. The angled fittings used in corner-mounted applications also guarantee even light distribution.

Ride is an exquisite pressure-diecast aluminium lighting solution and available in anodised aluminium, black or white finishes. The Rife
series encompasses a huge variety of variants which can perfectly cover widely varying requirements. Ride is also available as a single recessed ceiling, wall or pendant system light. Variants with a flat, cubic or microprism cover know no limitations in use. Ride is additionally available as an IP54 solutionin flush-fitting and surface-mounted ceiling variants. With numerous lighting inserts, Ride also offers a great number of options as a lighting system. With Ride Lens as a flush-fitting or pendant ceiling light, a further perfectly glare-suppressed variant has been added to the product family.

This isachieved by means of a black high-gloss screen with recessed, specially aligned lenses.